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My Manifesto

My manifesto as an architecture student, I’m now a junior architecture student, who wants to experience something new in life. I have alot of thoughts going through my mind on how can i design structure and plan spaces that will be more efficient to the users. I want something that people will not trait a structure as a thing or another shelter but i want to make them feel at ease and being inspired all the time whenever they see it or a stress reliever. I want to achieve something that no one can achieve until now. i know its impossible but nothing is impossible for a person that’s never get tired of experiencing something new. having faith to yourself is all you need to achieve it. achieving what you want, sometimes doesn’t need hardwork or take it seriously sometimes we just need to enjoy it and have fun with it. because we can’t achieve anything if we just focus on one thing their should be balance on all of the things that we do on our daily life. For me that’s how it works.

At First I really don’t know that Gothic or Neo-Gothic style in churches still exist in the Philippines because all I know that some beautiful churches are being bombed or demolish during world war II and also I’m not that familiarize in manila as well. But then in our class history of architecture(hstarc) it was mentioned that here in manila a Neo-Gothic style church exist. I was surprised that an old steel and Neo-Gothic style church still exist and it is named San Sebastian Church by architect Genaro Palacios and designed by Gustave Eiffel. Actually I haven’t been there, its my first time to see an actual Neo-Gothic style church in my life, by seeing its facade its really amazing how they preserved the whole structure from the outside to inside. but sad to say during our walking tour to San Sebastian Church I arrive really late that they all left and went to Gota de leche it means that I didn’t see its interior so I search through the internet by looking at the picture of the interior it really amaze me that even in the picture I feel its interior and the feeling of being in other country and being in the past. I’ve read some of the comments that it needs renovation. I’m really proud that they really preserved the San Sebastian Church and also on how they managed to preserved some of  the detailed on the structure like stained glass windows. but still I really want to feel its interior like its columns, chandeliers, vaults and the altar and more. All I can say on its preservation is Fantastic!.

After being in a huge Neo-Gothic San Sebastian Church our next destination is the Gota de Leche. First of all I really dont know what type is this structure and its my first time to hear its name too.I was surprised that this building is a renaissance style by having its circular arches on the round columns and medallions on spandrels are well preserved it is so amazing  on how they preserved its features.but sad to say I’m still late on the tour in Gota de Leche on my way to Gota de Leche my friends,professor and the tour guide are going down on the stairs so I’m a bit frustrated on coming in late, I didn’t see the things on the second floor. In here I was surprised that it gone on its restoration on previous years and having its second this year. I really want to see on how they restored the building and I really want them to push through on its second restoration it is really worth restoring it.  by seeing these things I change a bit my view on Filipinos that they really cared on preserving and restoring some historical structures in the Philippines.

The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts building is an outstanding university in the Philippines .School of Design and Arts was designed by Lor Calma Design and Associates. It has 14-storey found in Pablo Ocampo Street. According to rumors they said that the form was like a printer, others said that it’s a juxtapose, but for me it’s like a chair because of its cantilever in the front of the building. The School of Design and Arts have different unique rooms and features on each floor to each degree program to fit all the students that it needs to be reprogrammed for some reasons. The problem is that a lot of student enrolling keep on increasing every year, it expand and expand until it’s over populated that it needs a lot of rooms for students. I’ve noticed that others said a lot of space are wasted for some stuffs that the students doesn’t need it just like the parking from First to fourth floor, but for me it’s not because Taft is a very narrow so for four floors of parking is enough.

As a student of The School of Design and Arts, I’ve noticed also that every morning in the elevator area in the ground floor is always overcrowded and by waiting for your turn it consumes a lot of time and that’s another reason why a lot of students are being late aside from the traffic. Another thing is the cafeteria in twelve floor where in a lot of students are going their especially during lunch is overcrowded that all of the chairs are occupied so you are being push to eat outside that consumes a lot of time where in for example you have thirty minutes of spare time to eat lunch waiting for elevator will took you up to two to five minutes sometimes when its full you will be push to use the stairs for five to seven minutes, after that you still have to walk then wait for your food and etc. It’s a totally waste of time. Another is in the fourteen flour wherein faculty members especially on the left corner they took a huge space that some spaces aren’t needed or wasted.

I suggest that make the wasted spaces into a functional space wherein students were able to use that for their needs or etc. Another one is adding floors so that it’s not overcrowded from 14-storeys to 20-storeys or more to be able to fit thousands of students. About the elevators I suggest that they put specific floors on each elevator like now they have five elevators wherein first elevator is for odd numbers, second elevator for even number, Third elevator for odd numbers, fourth elevator for even numbers, fifth elevator is for all floors. Another is making the cafeteria bigger and add more food stalls. Removing also the food stall in hallway especially Figaro it should be relocated in the twelve floor to avoid hassling like if your in the twelve floor and you want coffee you have to go the Figaro location which is in the nine floor and go back again to your location. Regarding about the seventh floor LRC library to have increase their space and put outlets for plugging gadgets. Return the freedom to use the conference room in LRC. Another is to fix the drafting tables, chairs and have monthly maintenance in  the drafting rooms. Adding more projectors and white boards.

Hopefully the reforming of the School of Design and Arts building will become a successful one for the people who planned it, the professors, students and all the people in SDA.

Who is Philippe Starck?

A brief background of him, He was born in paris and also the son of an aircraft designer possibly he was inspired that’s why he is one of the best existing designer in the world. Philippe Starck design a lot of stuff like toothbrushes, juicer, speakers, external hard drive, chairs, watches. He is also known in designing for an Italian manufacturer. Not only this things but also interiors like restaurants, hotel and more. In other words he is an architect and a product designer. In his designs it needs to be both honest and objective why? He just want to be simple and convenient to the needs of the people.

One of the best structure that he made was Placido Arango house but it seems that for me it’s not. If you look at the exterior or appearance of the house its simple, it has no features and no life at all. I can only see basic shapes and dull color. What can you expect? Philippe Starck is known for doing an excellent in interior designs and not an architect or in other words he is an Industrial designer. In the picture if you take away the swimming pool it’s like a factory like I said it’s simple and dull. The structure itself is out of place.

The best thing on this structure was the interior were in Philippe Starck show how good he is in designing. I like the way he did in the interior of the house it’s so calming and refreshing it’s like you don’t want to leave this place anymore. I can see that Philippe Starck truly focuses in the interior part. I’ve been mesmerized by these pictures. It’s only a picture but what if I was there I will really take a moment of my life to take advantage to enjoy and feed my eyes to the fullest on all corners of the house with even just a small corner to be inspired.

In Placido Arango house, Philippe starck wants to portray his philosophy in designing which is to be honest and objective. Just like quotation “Dont judge the book by its cover” meaning you shouldn’t prejudge the appearance by its outer form alone.

Before, I really like to doodle or imagining unique or outstanding structures because I want to get the attention of all people and inspired them that impossible can be possible by not giving up and thinking that you can do it. It seems that Philippe Starck inspire me before I’m only focusing in the exterior appearance because of him I was able to imagine also the interior part were in designing also unique things that can also inspire people by not just looking from the outside but the inside too. If they can’t feel what I feel from the outside form of the structure they can atleast experience it inside. The exterior and interior for me is really important in designing. Others just want the exterior part or the other way around. For me the exterior and interior is like body and soul.

During the Pre Colonial period, people didn’t have any religion or belief because before we were free. We had everything in our hands and we were free to do anything we wanted. We didn’t have anything ruling over us and dictating us what is needed to be done. And before, we can tell easily how people lived before. We weren’t ashamed of our lifestyle and we weren’t secretive about it. We were only starting to become civilized people. And this can be shown in the materials that our ancestors used. The materials that were available before were Bamboo, Nipa for the Highlands and Coconut Tree as a subtitute for bamboo and nipas or rattan for people living near the shores. In culture we know that Filipinos are known for having a strong bond within the family especially people who lives in Bahay kubo.

In terms of pre Spanish period, Spaniards spread Christianity as a technique in luring us and making their influence take over our beliefs thus our freedom. Nowadays it can still be seen how much impact the Spanish made in our beliefs that’s why today in the Philippines it is become the main religion. Because of that the first structure which they built was churches. Why? Because it started the community planning where in the churches is the center and the houses surrounding it because the church before was considered the most powerful.  Another is government, before priests were used as a symbol for power were in they are the ones who lead the people in to false religion and also used the people as their tools and taking advantage of their power. Other things Spaniards introduce were schools because they want to educate the people and teach them religion. In terms of materials it is also in these period were in stone were use in houses in other words they are the ones who introduced stone masonry and still using some native materials in their structures just like in Pre Colonial period. In this period houses consist of parts like living room, Bed room, Foyer, dining room and etc. unlike before during Pre colonial period they just have one big space.

Since 900 AD up to the present day we still follow some of these concepts and tradition in our daily life. Like in our structures today we see some concepts or influences that were use during Pre Spanish period like houses today we still use cement consisted of stones were in we know that stones were use during pre spanish. We also influence or get the concept the parts of houses that were use during pre spanish period like having living room,Bed room, Foyer, dining room and many more.

I admired the people before that they were handled the problems and hard situations happened in the Philippines they were truly called “Heroes”.

According to our report Bahay Kubo is the native house of the Philippines and the materials that are used in building Bahay Kubo are bamboo, nipa. Bahay kubo is also the shelter during the pre-Hispanic period. The word kubo in Spanish is cubo means “cube” because bahay kubo is a rectangular or box shape. It is also the representation for Philippine architecture.

Bahay kubo can relate to the present day because of the standards that are being used in bahay kubo to the present buildings and houses. Just like other houses today there are form in a cube or rectangular shape. It also consist of cross ventilation, walls in tagalog “ding ding”, floor in tagalog “sahig”, Window “bintana” , high pitched roof and high ceilings . These things are commonly found in bahay kubo and also it has only one large space for multipurpose and it has no privacy. They didn’t even care at all because we know that Filipinos are very close to each other and also Filipinos loves gatherings that’s why today other People leave a one big space for the house where they can spent their time together or do whatever they want. Today Bahay kubo helps a lot for the people who want to save energy because bahay kubo is a good ventilation house and it helps also to save some resources and money and also helps the environment because bamboo and nipa is abundant in the Philippines.

Today bahay kubo still exist but they used it as a gathering or a place to relax, to have fun, chit chat with others and etc. Few are using bahay kubo as their houses why? Because a lot of people wants a lot of stuffs in their house and have privacy. Today’s homes have separate rooms for each and every one in the family because today a lot are insecure about their surroundings or environment and want to have privacy because others want to be alone or doing stuffs that they don’t want to be disturb. The cool or nice thing about bahay kubo is it represents a Filipino  Here look at the image below:

New Design Bahay Kubo with stilts like bamboo stilts.

In terms of Philippine Architecture I notice that it didn’t evolve to something new it remained and didn’t progress. Others say that we don’t have our own architecture or it died long years ago but then I’ve realized and tried to think if Filipino Architecture was really dead and didn’t progress we would’ve never become a civilized and developed country. Sometimes when I think about our own historical buildings that are being demolished I felt sad, angry and ashamed it’s like they are not giving credit or importance to the building. They just want to destroy it then put their own not so important building that is no use. They don’t know that it is a very important fragment of history. I realized that Filipino Architecture really did exist in the Philippines. Before I use to be one of those people who cared last about Filipino Architecture because I didn’t believe there was any and I think people should do something to preserve its character and prolong our own heritage sites and take more importance to it. We Filipinos should look back at our past in order to learn for the future. I also realized that when you preserving building results to saving more money for the country than build structures from the roots of the ground, would actually double the cost and thus wastes a lot of funds for more important matters, like programs for the needy, equipment for children who are less fortunate and cannot afford to study with perfectly fine equipment or housing for the poor. And it also helps in saving the environment because when we’re preserving historical buildings it also means we are trying to preserve the dying gifts of mother earth. And that’s why nowadays we need to learn how to be conservative. I also believe that if Filipino were to learn to nourish the culture we have grown to, we can flourish our own architecture and begin to create our own design and style but it’s pretty much too late now because what already has been done and it cannot be changed but what we should really do is to just appreciate what has already been given and started from the past up to now.

The Importance of historical structures is to make the people feel how progressive and civilized the people were during the past and it also allows people to understand what the society had gone through. From devastating wars up to the declaration of freedom. It evokes people to understand what happened in the past and what should happen in the future. Because after that declaration of independence in the Philippines it was up to us to either remain what our ancestors would want us to do or forget what the terrifying past holds and that includes the buildings that became part of that history even if it’s complete, half, or nearly destroyed preserving it is the only way to save what was before something that took its place in the past and gave us our identities as Filipinos and gave us what we call culture and architecture. Knowing about our past is something we, Filipinos, should be proud of. It’s nothing to be ashamed. Same goes with our historical structures. It’s not about having our own design, our own style or our own “Philippine” building. It’s about how we learned from different countries and from there on we adapted everything we learned and attained something valuable that have been used throughout the years that we have been developing to become a fine country.

The things I learned from the past two sessions are historical sites and buildings in the Philippines that have been demolished and are being demolished, to make way for new buildings that are more modernize are rightful for today’s era and I also learned some buildings that rank to top one or in other words buildings that have become glorious before are now being forgotten and I thought that Vigan has the only one who preserve a lot of historical buildings but I was wrong there is another one and its Cebu. It’s my first time to hear the longest highway from Luzon to Mindanao meaning from the top to bottom of the Philippines and it is called Maharlika Highway, I am so amaze that they were able to preserve this highway and still this highway is being used by people and also it connects the three Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I didn’t know that Paco Park is the first UNESCO cemetery. Were in the Gomburza was buried. I already went there but I didn’t know it has an historical value I thought it was just a simple cemetery. I need to learn more about Philippine Historical sites and buildings in order to give credit to the other places or some basic ideas for when I have become a professional Architect I can be proud of my country.

My Philosophy in Life

My philisophy in life is believe or trust yourself that you can do it, because having trust in  yourself  gives you the strength to keep you going even though sometimes life pulls you down you must stand up have confidence and show life that even though it is hard to live I can do it. In historical we must learn our mistakes from the past and make it right so that we will correct path in the future.Familial background with this we are able to solve our problems with ease because they are their to support you and cheer you up so that you will still keep going to reach your future.

Beauty is a formulation of ideas which are gathered and created inside our mind and expressed through beauty.

If I become a successful architect, I would  express my ideas and opinions through my architectural work wherein people will be the judge of my work and have them understand what my thoughts are regarding everything in life. They will also be my audience in every little speech I express through my work. I would also think of ideas that will help me understand what others couldnt understand and then help them understand.

The Railway Crossing, 1919, oil on canvas by Fernand Léger. When I first look at it, it’s like a above view of a city. The lines represent the skyscrapers of a city while the circles represent the lights seen from above (which are formed by various buildings, street lights that created a big shine of light). But then again it looked more of like an oval field. Where running events and non-running events happen and if there isn’t any event the people can walk or jog freely. And lastly the arrow represents a street light or a road sign that indicates cars to turn left.

Another impression I got from the painting is that it looked like someone was doing or maybe practicing archery. Because the lines seems like it were arrows wasted for not reaching the bull’s eye and it was just floating after being shot and some were just lying on the ground like a dead stick. And because I said it looked like it was a person doing archery practice the main thing that gave me that idea was the circle. Multiple circles inlaying from another circle and with that description it simply implies that it’s a bull’s eye. After focusing more on the painting I then realized that the arrow approaching the bull’s eye was like a recently shot arrow that was sure to hit the middle of the bull’s eye. Thus, the painting shows movement because of the arrow.

Aside from these two I had another impression of the painting. It looked like a construction was happening. The tube-like lines were pretty much similar to steel or any kind of metal used for construction. And then the arrow symbolizes the arrow for a detour to get pass through the construction site. While the circles that has different colors symbolizes warning or caution fir the people who wishes to pass through the construction site.

But after I researched more about the painting I realized it wasn’t in any of the above option I mentioned. (which is kind of sad though. I had three impressions and none of them even hit the jackpot! Oh well, atleast I tried my best).

Now the real meaning behind the painting was that (as the title of the painting says) it was literally about a railroad crossing created during the year 1919 by painter Fernand Leger. From the looks of the painting it seemed like the railroad itself was dislocated or disassembled from its base. And everything was not in its right place. It’s almost like the setting was in another dimension where Leger’s imagination could explore and run wild. A place where everything is not what it used to be. A place where everything is formed to create another shape. And also because the railroad is disassembled to form another kind of well, form. The dislocated railroad created a unique type of railroad which showed various types of movement. Because in the painting the railroad where placed in different directions. One facing the left the other facing the right the other facing up or down. And because of that is showed lots of movements within the painting.


What is Marxism? It is the proving of truth from fake. It basically means that before they believe on something they must first proof that they object is true. By proving it true they can create or form a conclusion on how they can show that a certain object is true. An example of this is God. Those who believe in Marxism doesn’t believe in God mainly because God to them is not true and that there are no signs that can signify that God can exist in this world. There haven’t been any proofs or conclusions that can provide a good enough reason for God to really exist. Another example is in politics when a politician campaigns he or she only talks about promises that will capture people’s attention to vote him or her But doesn’t really show their plans or promises for the people. They tend to pretend they care and will help them in times of crisis such as funds for projects, repairing, rebuilding and recreating societies and communities that have been destroyed by calamities that would then result to people rallying, shouting for the politician to resign in his position. Because they didn’t see any proof of the politician’s loyalty to serve the people truthfully.

My opinion regarding Marxism is that it makes sense because Marxism uses logic in formulating scientific conclusion and the idea of Marxism is needed in our daily lives because without proofs we will become gullible and close minded. About their opinion that God doesn’t exist, I disagree about that because it is not that I’m a over acting religious believer because I just wanted to point out that even though that God cannot be seen, heard, or touched, it is the undying faith that counts because it is the most important thing to have as a Christian or a Roman Catholic. And believing in him with your whole heart is like being connected to him and getting to talk to him through prayers and dreams. That is why I disagree that even if you don’t see God, as long as you have the faith to believe in God, he is real for you.

What is Communism? It is kind of government focuses on giving equal rights to high and low people that lives in a country with a communist government meaning everyone is treated the same. In other words even if though you’re in a high class you will be treated the same as the low class. There is no privacy  among the people because having privacy means you are against the communist government of equality and that you don’t want to be considered the same as the others . Being in a communist country you should be dressed the same as the others like wearing all dull colours and you have to live the same style of house, apartment or subdivision. The division between of men and women are removed because it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, living in a communist country means the man is the same as the woman and the woman the same as the man. It also implies in the human rights of both men and woman. The only considered high rank is the communist leader and that people will only serve for him. One example of communism is in china in the period of leadership of mao tzetong where in he ordered people to surrender their cropping tools in order to create weapon and buildings in which later it led to starvation and death of many people and led to rallies against mao tze tong. As for me communism is suppresses the human rights and freedom of people. It also invades the privacy of people which is personal. With all of this said, Communism basically is a perfect-imperfect government. Perfect, because people can benefit from the equality in the rights and salary of both men and women. Imperfect, because privacy is invaded the way of judging the counting of the salary from work time is imbalanced. And the right to speak up their thoughts is only kept inside and they are actually forced to be bold in public most especially in public bathrooms and in their own home. I think Communism wouldn’t be as pretty as they say it is in China’s advertisement. It’s more of a nightmare than a dream come true of being equal with the rich and powerful people. You may be equal with them but putting all those behind everyone is suffering from being forced to work and work and work because what work the leader gives everyone must follow it.

As for Capitalism, this time the rich people with power uses the not so rich people or middle class people and low class people also known as “workers” to be over-worked and dragged to become slaves. Meaning capitalism is all about slavery of the middle and lower class workers that are only used to make the rich get only richer without the workers knowing until someone tells them they are only puppets of the rich people’s company. It is no easy to work everyday and then suddenly know you are only being used as puppets to do their dirty work and be the ones to actually pay the big amount of taxes made by the rich people’s spending. Being used as a so called puppet is the worst thing that could actually happen to a person because after they have served the rich people and use their actual earnings to pay their own bills and taxes they are fired and then left in the streets starving and almost close to being homeless because of the bills they paid from the rich people. It is like at first they like you because you have a purpose (small money that can be used)and then they let you work and make you think you will be saved from being in the slums but what they do not know is that they will suffer more in the end than what they were before working for rich peoples company.

Capitalism would be good if only those who benefit from the labor of the workers will also help them with some bill or payments that they have to live with. Like daily necessities, such as, food, clothing, rent of the land with their houses. It would make the lives of the workers easier and lighter, most especially with the bills and all. It would have become a pleasant community to live in. Even though the rich benefits too much from the workers but atleast in the end the workers can benefit from it as well. And rallies against the rich people will not occur. It would also show the respect for each others. The worker to their company owner (the rich one) and the rich people t the workers. There will be a mutual relationship that will lead a good community. The rich people should also share the blessings they earned because if it wasn’t for the workers they wouldn’t be where they are now. They might as well become one of the workers. And besides when the rich people die they can’t take their dirty money to heaven anyway. It’ll just rot in the earth.


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